CPR, AED and Basic First Aid Training Classes
Freedom Sales and Supply, LLC now proudly offers the ASHI (American Safety & Health Institute) CPR, AED and Basic First Aid combination training. This program helps develop basic first aid knowledge, skills, and confidence to respond in an emergency situation. Training is consistent with recommendations of the G2015 National First Aid Science Advisory Board and OSHA’s best practices for first aid training programs in the workplace.

In offering these classes, we have chosen to employ a “Blended Learning” approach. This is a combination of on-line lessons with hands-on skills training for a complete learning experience.

Blended Learning Makes It Easy:

Students can complete their online course content when it best fits their schedule with around-the-clock access and may work at their own pace, with the ability to start and stop at their convenience. There are potential cost savings as classroom time is minimized to the hands-on skills practice.

How It Works:

1. Schedule your class by contacting us at 509-414-6403.

2. Once enrolled, each student will be sent an email notification along with a link to access the online portion of the class. Course content is delivered with video and PowerPoint-style slides to improve engagement and learning. This portion of the class generally takes 3-4 hours.

3. At a scheduled time, we meet as a group at your site for hands-on skills practice and evaluation in CPR, AED use, and First Aid basics. Upon successful completion, Certification cards will be issued which are valid for 2-years. Skills practice and evaluation time is dependent upon number of students. 

In addition to the Certification Cards, each Student has unlimited access to the CPR, AED and Basic First Aid Workbooks and additional materials and receives a CPR Mask with One-Way Valve, 1 pair Nitrile exam gloves and a pocket First Aid guide.

Cost per student is $55 with a minimum class size of 5 students and a maximum 20 (unless other arrangements are made). 

We currently have 2 Certified Instructors, 10 state-of-the-art, Prestan Manikins and 2 Philips Trainer AEDs. First Aid and additional CPR items will be made available for purchase at the conclusion of class.